Cuesta Alpacas

Alpacas Needing Rehoming

Martyn and Jenny have been breeding jet black alpacas for over 13 years with stunning results. Retirement is now imminent. We have found lovely homes for the majority of our alpacas. We now have 6 weeks to rehome our last remaining 14 alpacas. These are free to good homes.

Alpacas Free To Good Homes

All our alpacas bred on farm have been trained to walk on a halter and to be handled in a pen. We provide training and notes about the care that they need.

We are retiring and looking for lovely homes for our last few remaining alpacas. These are free of charge, but you must be willing to look after them and make sure you have catch pens available in your paddocks so that you can catch them for health checks and the shearer. None are suitable as pets with small children around, but all will get friendlier with frequent handling.

You need a minimum of 3 alpacas and you will find them much happier in larger groups and we want to keep the 4 groups below intact. Boys must be separated from girls.

We have:
Two useful jet black stud males who are easy to handle
5 females who can be bred
3 retired females
3 wethers (castrated boys) and a lovely retired stud male who will make sure thay don’t misbehave.

Down load the PDF here

Free delivery in the wider Auckland Area.